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My Service


I can care for children from birth to 16 years of age.

Working alone I can care for 1 child within Early Years and 3 children within later years, when working with my assistant together we can care for 4 children within Early Years and 6 children within Later Years.
This is plus my own two children who are both within Early Years.


I open 8:00am till 6:00pm Monday till Friday.

Flexibility is available; please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.
I close all Bank Holidays and for one week at Christmas. Care is available on bank holidays and at weekends at an extra charge at a higher rate.

Wrap around care

Before school children are offered breakfast, after school children are offered a light snack (this is not intended to be a replacement evening meal as I believe family meal times are important).

The school run is usually on foot so please ensure the correct outdoor wear is provided for your child.
I am able to help with homework and reading and a quiet area is provided if required for homework to be completed.


Please contact me for current rates.

Everything is included in our fees, there are no hidden extras. All meals, snacks, nappies, wipes, creams, baby milks and bottles, trips out, etc. The only thing ask is you bring a change of clothes for your child and a comforter if this applies, e.g. a dummy, teddy, etc and any prescribed items that may be relevant to your child.


All snacks and meals are provided throughout the day.

Breakfast, hot lunch and light afternoon meals are included in the fees. Where possible organic produce is used and fresh meat from a local butcher. Many meals are home cooked and children regularly help prepare and serve meals. Any preferences and dietary requirements will be discussed on your child starting within the setting.

Child safety

This is taken very seriously and all is done while in my care to maintain your child’s safety while allowing them to take reasonable risks during play.

We all have to understand that children learn through trying and challenging themselves and accidents are inevitable with any child, however I try to eliminate as many possible risks while allowing children to be children.


We have a child orientated playroom with almost everything accessible to children.

We have a wide range of toys and equipment including Duplo, wooden bricks, food, meccano, small world, instruments, role play, tools and workbench, dolls and teddies, art equipment, play dough, sand, and much more.

There are activities to meet all developmental stages from birth onwards and we are continuously developing our environment and provisions. Children lead the way in their learning and all activities are based around the children’s interests and developmental requirements.


We regularly attend the children’s centres and toddler groups where the children get to play in bigger groups ad interact with more children. We also take local nature walks, trips to parks, shops, library, etc.


I work closely with all parents/carers and recognise they are the primary carer. I welcome and actively encourage discussion relating to your child and their home life and development and interests so I can provide the best care and service for your family. Back to top